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Check Out These Must-Visit Attractions In Corfu


Still, trying to find the perfect place to visit this summer? Well, look no further… Corfu is located in the centre of the Ionian Sea and offers the best of both worlds, including amazing beaches and historic heritage!


Corfu Old Town


assorted concrete houses


Corfu’s history is truly one of a kind, from the ancient city-state of Korkyra to the medieval Byzantine stronghold. Jump back in time, and visit Corfu’s Old Town, a maze of cobbled streets surrounded by vivid Venetian mansions.



Paleokastritsa Beach

Going to the Beach is definitely a must, especially in Corfu! Some beaches are just too dazzling to ignore. Paleokastritsa Beach should be the first name on your list, for one. It is known as the most beautiful beach of Corfu for its clear blue water, and for its historic surroundings.


aerial view of boats on sea near green mountain during daytime


You can also visit the nearby Paleokastritsa Monastery to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and discover the island’s religious traditions!


Achilleion Palace


green tree in front of white concrete building


Empress Elisabeth of Austria was in love with Ancient Greece, so much so that she had a mythical palace built, the Achilleion. This place was her way of coping after the death of her son who committed suicide. Its name stems from the hero Achilles. The Achilleion is also a hot spot for James Bond fans. The palace was turned into a casino during an iconic Baccarat scene of the movie For your eyes only. It is about 10 kilometres away from Corfu Town and was decorated in pseudo-classical style with staircases and frescoes!



Corfu Archaeological Museum


black metal dinosaur inside museum surrounded with people during daytime


The largest on the island, this museum displays a rich collection of ancient artifacts from prehistoric art to Bronze Age discoveries.  A special section of the exhibits is committed to the pediment of the Temple of Artemis, carved with vivid depictions of the Gorgon Medusa.


The Royal Palace


Palace of St. Michael and St. George - Wikipedia


This is a remarkable museum of Asian Art, a Neoclassical mansion at the north end of the Esplanade. It has an impressive collection of Chinese, Japanese and Indian paintings and sculptures from the Neolithic era. There’s also a courtyard café with fantastic views across the sea channel to Albania.