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Check Out These 5 Iconic Moments From Ħadd Għalik

As announced on Thursday, Ħadd Għalik is officially coming to an end after 13 years of production! This announcement got us reminiscing about some of the best and iconic moments that the show has given us throughout the years.


From hilarious games and dares to never-ending singing and dancing- Ħadd Għalik simply had it all! Here are some of the moments that truly stuck with us…



Hot and Famous


You may remember this iconic duo; Gorg and Pawlu, and their song that took over Malta; Hot and Famous! Can you believe that was 8 years ago? We really wanted this to go up to Eurovision.

They were always bringing new songs to the table and they were pretty much our highlight of the day. Gorg and Pawlu visited Hadd Ghalik and got the whole crowd on their feet! Do you still remember the dance?




Deċeduti on Set


This whole episode was a blast. Our favourite Maltese comedy show came to lighten us all up on a Sunday afternoon! But obviously, we have to admit that the Music Machine must have been the highlight of the episode. We were all waiting for a Gladys’ ‘Loving You’ moment!




Dares between Mario and PJ


We are going to miss these two! Their friendship was a joy to see on the show. We admire how much of a team-sport both of them are. Seeing them compete was always a humorous sight to watch. What were your favourite dares from them?




Eileen Montesin (Il-Queen)


Eileen will never stop being an icon. We can practically say we grew up with her; from Becky to KC and now following her eventful stories on Instagram! 




One Last Ride By Daniel Testa


And obviously, we cannot forget our very own BAY Breakfast Host; Daniel Testa! Former Eurovision contestant who took the stage on Ħadd Għalik to sing his very own song; One Last Ride. What a throwback! We miss your voice Daniel and we are waiting for an unexpected comeback…


Every Sunday, this show was able to give us some well-needed laughter before the start of another week! We will surely miss these moments… BUT Angie Laus did hint that something is in store for us this October. Keep an eye out for that out!