Cheaper bus fares in Malta and Gozo

Catching the bus will cost you less from Sunday in Malta and Gozo.

Cheaper bus fares have been introduced for winter by Malta Public Transport.

From Sunday, two-hour tickets will cost you 50c less if you pay in cash rather than using a pre-paid travel card.

In a Facebook post, the company confirmed that commuters will be charged €1.50 for a two-hour ticket, rather than the summer fare of €2.

Malta Public Transport said €10, €20 and €50 notes may not be accepted and urged passengers to always have the correct change.

CHANGE IN CASH TICKET PRICE As from today 13 October, the price for cash tickets bought on the bus is €1.50, which is the off-peak rate.Tallinja Card holders enjoy reduced rates throughout the year.

Publiée par Tallinja sur Dimanche 13 octobre 2019