Charmaine Gauci Will No Longer Be Giving Malta Daily Covid-19 Briefings

For the past couple of months, the whole of Malta has basically gathered in front of their television screen at 12.30 pm to listen to Prof. Charmaine Gauci’s daily Covid-19 briefings.

It has just been confirmed that Charmaine Gauci will no longer be giving us daily press briefings related to Covid-19, but will now start delivering updates three times a week instead.

“We are in a transition period. Compared to the situation we had in the past, the number of COVID-19 cases has gone down, and we must keep monitoring the situation to ensure the number of new cases remain low.”

“I am meeting you everyday to provide you with a medical account of the situation. Seeing as we are now in a transition period, I will start meeting you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to keep updating you on the cases throughout the week and to take questions from journalists on behalf of the public.”

Daily updates will still be given through the official Health Ministry Facebook page.