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Charles & Ron are taking over the globe one killer outfit at a time

Charles and Ron

It hasn’t been that long since we saw R&B sensation Ashanti waltzing down the New York Fashion Week red carpet in a Charles & Ron killer outfit.

Her colourful frilled dress made her stand out in all the right ways possible.

But their moment of fame is only the latest one out of many successes. They are smashing it on both the national front and the international one.

You’ve probably heard about POSE, the Fox series about the LGBTQI+ community in 1980s America. [If you haven’t then you’ve got something to binge watch over the weekend. You can thank me later.]

Well, earlier in July, their Pink Kaftan dress inspired outfit made it to the promo shoot for the TV show.

All I know is that I low-key/high-key want one. Don’t know where on earth I would wear it … but come on, look at that beaut!

And earlier this month, Britney Spears’ boyfriend (Yep, you read that right) was spotted wearing a shirt from the Charles & Ron’s Fabiola Collection for Vulkan Magazine LA.

Singer Sevyn was seen rocking a lace patchwork dress during last year’s New York Fashion week, and looks absolutely sickening in it.

Speaking of Fashion Week, Charles & Ron have had shows in both The New York and LA Fashion Week.

What we really loved about the show, apart from their killer outfits, of course, is that the Travellers were playing in the background as their models strutted down the runway.

Way to take a piece of Malta with you!

And to be honest, we could go on all day with the successes these guys have achieved. Lauryn Hill wore a gorgeous pure silk gown at the Hollywood Gala, they featured on the cover of international Lucy magazine and so much more!

They’re basically taking over the globe one killer outfit at a time, and we can’t wait to see what they’re up to next Charles & Ron.

All we know is that whatever it is, we’re sure you’ll smash it!