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CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Juventus annihilated by Atletico Madrid

Massimiliano Allegri felt Juventus fell into the Atletico Madrid trap, as “they force you to play badly. We got it wrong in the second half, but 2-0 can be overturned.”

Juventus were twice rescued by VAR, but the 2-0 defeat to Atletico Madrid leaves their Champions League hopes hanging by a thread.

The Bianconeri tried to fight back and at least get an away goal, but Cristiano Ronaldo pulled back a free kick to the edge of the box for the ferocious Federico Bernardeschi strike that Oblak flew to fingertip out from under the bar.

Diego Simeone’s celebration after the goal caused some controversy, as he grabbed at his crotch, a gesture he had already done as a player with Lazio.

“I did it as a player in Lazio-Bologna and I did it again to show our fans that we have cojones. It wasn’t aimed at the other team, I was turning towards our own supporters.

“It’s not a nice gesture, I admit, but I felt the need to do it. It was such a tough game, we fought so hard and Diego Costa worked really hard when he wasn’t 100 per cent fit. I had to show what I was feeling.

“I can only apologise if anyone was offended, but I did it from the heart.”

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo repeatedly mocked Atletico Madrid on the field and in the media section. “I’ve got five Champions League trophies, you’ve won zero.”