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Car’s weight in rubbish collected from St Julian’s seabed

More than 60 volunteers have collected an impressive 1.5 tonnes of rubbish from the seabed off St Julian’s.

The clean-up saw divers and snorkelers haul the weight of a car to the surface in just four hours.

Organisers said the waste retrieved from St Julian’s Bay included:

• Recyclable plastic: 72.6 kg

• Plastic bottles: 10 kg

• Glass: 50.08 kg

• Metal: 28 kg

• General waste: 241 kg

• Tyres: 238 kg

• Fishing gear: 56 kg

• Batteries: 22 kg

• Bulky waste: 717.81 kg

• Bottle caps: 0.5 kg

The clean up was supported by the Malta Tourism Authority, St Julian’s Local Council, Raniero’s Adventures, Zibel, Live Life, No To Plastic Malta, Dive Systems, Wasteserv, Dr Juice, Clean Malta, EcoPure, Portughes Dry Cleaning and Azzopardi Fisheries.

Photos: Żibel