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‘Carmen’ Submitted By Malta For The Oscars

Malta’s heading to the Oscars! 


The Maltese-Canadian film, written and directed by Valeria Buhagiar, has been chosen as Malta’s entry for the 95th Academy Awards.


Carmen | Malta Film Commission
As Malta’s entry “Carmen,” starring Natascha McElhone from “The Truman Show,” has been announced by the Malta Academy Selection Committee.
A nomination for the film has been made for the international feature film award. Every country is invited to submit one movie to the Best International Feature Film competition.

On December 21, a list of 15 finalists will then be revealed as a shortlist. The 95th Academy Awards will be presented on March 12, 2023 in LA, following the announcement of the top five nominations on January 24, 2023.


Carmen': A Maltese Film That Pays Homage to an Age-Old Tradition | Highbrow  Magazine

“Carmen” is a tale that is based on true events set in a Maltese village. In this gripping story of a woman finding her voice, Carmen, who is confronting her history, adds color to the villagers’ life, after she is abruptly forced to begin a new life at the age of nearly 50.

The movie will be premiering at the Eden Cinemas on Friday, 30th September! Book your tickets here