Cannabis to be ‘fully legal in UK within five years’

Cannabis could be legalised in the UK within as little as five years time.

That’s according a group of cross-party MPs who’ve been on a fact-finding trip to Canada, where the drug has been legal for around 18 months.

In fact, Canada became the first G7 country to allow recreational use in 2018.

In Malta, cannabis is illegal for recreational use, although it can be prescribed for medicinal purposes.

But latest figures show Maltese teenagers are increasingly experimenting with the drug.

More than 15 per cent of those aged 15 and 16 admitted that they had used cannabis while nearly 14 per cent said they had been drunk in the last 30 days.

However, a number of Maltese medical professions and academics oppose controversial calls for Malta to follow Canada’s lead.

Professor Andrew Azzopardi, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Wellbeing at the University of Malta, said legalising the drug would be ‘too risky’.
He said: ‘From where I stand the negative impact of this substance compared to the ‘benefits’ some might quote in legalising cannabis consumption are unparalleled.

‘ In my opinion regulating the use of cannabis around a harm reduction rationale does not solve anything and the dangers of the underground illicit drug trafficking will remain active and lively.

‘Entry into the criminal world of recreational cannabis users is often the onset of serious criminal careers to the further detriment of the individuals’ concerned and moreover the wider society at large.

‘Another issue that is of serious concern is the increased use of synthetic marijuana which seems to be even more hazardous.’

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