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Candy-Coloured Domes On The Island Of Hormuz, Iran

The coast of Hormuz Island in Iran is where one can find these gorgeously bright candy-coloured domes contrasted against deep red sands!





These domes double as an art piece titled “Presence in Hormuz” by ZAV Architects. They serve as a monument to represent the natural beauty of the Persian Gulf mixed in with the urbanisation and empowerment of the local community.






The architects got their inspiration from the geography around them, building the domes from sandbags filled with soil, sand and gravel found on the coast. Even the carpets take their inspiration from the island.



The colourful reds, greens, yellows and blues reflect on the colourful and surreal landscape surrounding the domes, with the inside of the domes sharing the same colour scheme.






“Presence in Hormuz” is more than an art piece, as the colourful community includes houses, dining spots, shops and prayer centres.