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Calls for a statue to honour Malta’s cliff-diving dog

There are calls for a statue to be built to honour Malta’s world-famous cliff-diving dog.

Growing numbers of social media users have called for a sculpture to be erected at St Peter’s Pool near Delimara, where Titti the terrier performed in front of thousands of visitors every summer.

One posted on Bay Easy‘s Facebook page that ‘a statue would be a fitting tribute and the perfect way to remember the charming little talented dog’.

Another added: ‘She totally deserves a statue at St Peter’s Pool. I first saw Titti diving in 2015. She was amazing!’

A third posted: ‘Titti made a lot of people very happy with her diving at St Peter’s Pool. The least the local council can do is put up some kind of memorial as a tribute to her.’

Titti, 10, sadly passed away last weekend after suffering from a heart problem.

Her devastated owner Carmelo Abela, 54, said he was advised by vets that the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep.

He told 89.7 Bay: ‘She had a beautiful life and loved bringing joy and happiness to thousands of people from across the world.

‘May her memory live on forever.’

The Jack Russell terrier was a tourist attraction at St Peter’s Pool, where she loved nothing more than leaping into the glittering blue sea.

The brave little dog became an overnight celebrity sensation after first being featured on 89.7 Bay six years ago.

Her amazing antics sparked interest around the world after attracting more than 23 million Facebook video views on Bay Easy.

She was featured in the Daily Mail, Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun as well as on BBC World News, CNN and Sky News.

Cover photo: Mark Cassar Photography