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Call for air conditioners in Malta’s school classrooms

If you’re stuck in a stuffy office, you’ll know how difficult it is to focus when you’re hot.

So imagine how children feel in a baking classroom during summer school lessons.

Now, an online petition has been launched, calling for air conditioning to be fitted in Malta’s classrooms as standard.

Dorothy Seabrook, whose children are pupils at Luqa Primary School, organised the petition.

She told 89.7 Bay: ‘Basically the heat is unbearable in classrooms.

‘Our children come out of school all sweaty and sick from the heat.

‘They have one tiny fan in the classroom which honestly does not make a difference.

‘If the government installed solar panels in schools, they can generate electricity to run the air conditioning systems.’

The petition has already won backing from several parents across Malta and Gozo.

Mum Barbara Galea wrote: ‘With all this sunshine it seems ridiculous not to install solar panels and make schools a little bit better equipped for Maltese summers. Make it bearable in the classrooms.’

Another mother Marisa Gauci added: ‘This would be a step forward in quality education.

‘It needs to be done urgently. Some classrooms are like a sauna.’

‘Kids leave with wet hair. Schools are used in summer nowadays.’

Classrooms in several countries, including Portugal, Japan, Dubai, Spain and several states in the US, are fitted with air conditioning.

Cyprus is also considering the introduction of air conditioning in all of its schools.

Last year, a US study found a link between heat and lower academic achievement, making the case that installing air conditioning in schools could make a big difference to learning.

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