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Cadbury is bringing back an old Malta favourite

Cadbury is set to relaunch a classic chocolate bar after a Facebook campaign.

The confectionery giant has confirmed the return of the 1970s favourite ‘Old Jamaica’ under the Bournville brand.

The iconic chocolate bar, which features rum and raisin in dark chocolate, has made several appearances as a limited edition after it fell out of fashion in the 1980s.

In 2010, it was released for a year as a limited edition as part of the Bournville range.


But a decade after, the brand will be released again in Malta in 2020.

Bethany Wenn, Bournville Brand Manager at Mondelez International, said: ‘We are really excited to bring back the return of Bournville Old Jamaica bar.

‘The relaunch highlights the increasing consumer demand to bring back retro flavours.’

Bournville Old Jamaica will be available in 180g and 100g bars later this year.

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