Busy Weekend for the Malta Police Force


A Facebook post by The Malta Police Force starts off with “Oh! What A Weekend.” While this is a reminder of what we would usually post on a Monday in non-isolation times, the numbers that followed were just a quick and rough idea of just how busy the Police Officials were over the past weekend, both with COVID-19-related searches, and with other criminal offences.

Apart from 100 Fines issued in relation to groups of 3+ people in public spaces; 3 fines for people breaching Quarantine regulations; and 1 fine to an establishment for breaching the regulations, the Malta Police Force also gave out 67 fines for excessive speeding; they have charged 5 men in court (by the Anti-Terrorism Unit); and, they have charged 1 man (by the ALE) in relation to illegal hunting.

Apart from all the above the Police were also involved in several drug busts operations; they have also broken up a party of 18 people who thought it was OK to party at the White Rocks Area, and they also had to deal with a argument which broke out in Kalkara.

As Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne said yesterday, even though we might see some measures being eased in these days, there will still be other measures which will remain in place, and which have to be followed rigorously!


Stay In. Stay Safe. We can do this!

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