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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Will Not Be Returning After Season 8


Creator Dan Goor took to Instagram yesterday to announce that the show’s 8th season will officially be its final one. Naturally, the post was met with countless comments from fans who were heartbroken to hear this and others who were utterly grateful for the show.



In the post, Goor wrote that when he initially pitched his idea to Andy, it was agreed that the show would be exactly 153 episodes long, a number which both creators had envisioned to be sufficient.



After its release in 2013, the show was loved by many and continued to air on Fox until it was dropped after its 5th season.  It was then picked up by NBC where it continued its success. With its amazing cast and hilarious episodes, the show has won 2 Emmy awards, a Golden Globe and has also been critically acclaimed for its sense of humour and portrayal of LGBTQ+ people.



Dan Goor added in his post that he feels “incredibly lucky” to have worked with such amazing people and that despite the difficult decision to end the show, he felt it was the best way “to honour the characters, the story, and our viewers.” He also ended by saying; “I’m grateful it lasted this long. Title of my sex tape.” In classic Brooklyn Nine-Nine humour.



The 8th and final season is currently in production and will air later on this year. Although we’re sad that it’s coming to an end, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us!