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Britney Spears’ Topless Video Is Raising Hacking Concerns

Britney Spears’ recent posts on social media has fans worried only weeks after she made a dramatic court speech addressing the sensitive facts of her conservatorship. While much of Spears’ recent online activity has provided new insight into what goes on behind the scenes in her personal life, her most recent sequence of posts have fans feeling there is more tale to be told.




The singer has been posting a topless selfie on Instagram this week, over and over… and over again. Since July 24, the actress has been censoring the same topless photo of herself wearing only denim shorts and adding glitter. The musician has shared the shot three times as of July 27, having removed the prior two completely.



‘I feel like they are being uploaded by someone else,’ one of her concerned followers commented, while another said, ‘Am I the only one who is growing very disturbed by this?’

‘I feel like this photograph is still being circulated to undermine her,’ someone said. ‘Something is definitely wrong here,’ remarked another concerned fan.





This comes only months after Spears issued a letter reassuring followers that she was no longer in charge of her social media accounts.