British father praises ‘outstanding’ Gozo hospital staff

The father of a British teenager injured after jumping off a cliff in Gozo has praised Malta’s national health service as ‘outstanding’.

Danny Barton said doctors and nurses at Gozo General Hospital picked up an infection in his son Wyatt’s lung within minutes – despite several trips to medical centres in Wales without a diagnosis.

He said: ‘I have to commend Gozo General Hospital and it’s outstanding staff.

‘The professionalism, care, attentiveness, cleanliness and general attitude was outstanding.’

‘My son has been back and forth to the hospital in Wales for around five years and repeatedly got the all clear despite suffering from a continual cough and lack of energy.’

He added: ‘Within an hour of being at Gozo General Hospital they discovered the issue with his lung. Five years versus one hour speaks volumes!

‘He is now finally going to get the treatment he should have had back in the UK.

‘Thank you so much to the staff and Gozo General Hospital. We will be forever grateful!’

Mr Barton’s son Wyatt was taken to hospital by ambulance after jumping off a cliff at Mgarr Ix-Xini in Gozo against his father’s advice.

The jump left him in severe pain and coughing up blood.

His father added: ‘Thankfully, a miracle happened and he didn’t sustain any serious injuries.

‘I don’t care what my kids believe, we’re off to church on Sunday to say thanks for not punishing him for making such a silly decision.’

Today my son did the typical teen thing……and didn't listen. That's fine when you're wandering around a Tesco in Wales, not so fine when you're jumping off cliffs. He completely ignored all my instruction and to our complete shock attempted to front flip off a very very big cliff. After coming back to the surface, spitting lots of blood and sounding like he'd broke a rib my wife and I towed him in (Thank god for rescue training) to an Ambulance that rushed him to hospital. After CT scans, multiple tests, a number of Doctors, ECG, etc he's been given the all clear by SOME MIRACLE!!!! They're keeping him in for a chest infection that the Dr's in the UK have said is 'ALL CLEAR' for the best part of 5 years.On an up note, he's fine, he's safe and as we used to say 'We can laugh about it now because nobody died'….I want to thank Gozo general hospital staff who have been nothing short of fantastic, the ambulance drivers who arrived so quickly and put us at ease, the 50 or so people on the beach who did everything they could to help, the fellow first aid lady who helped me support my sons legs in the water and the two amazing gentleman who drove my wife, mother in law and daughter to the hospital in my car while their friend followed, just so we could get home. Faith in humanity had a huge boost……Faith in my sons choice making, not so much!!! Think he'll listen in future! I don't care what my kids believe, we're off to church on Sunday to say thanks for not punishing such a silly decision….

Publiée par Danny Barton sur Jeudi 18 avril 2019

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