British Bloke ‘Brings Malta To The UK’ As Part Of His Birthday Celebrations

Had it been any other birthday, Steve-Pembroke Smith would’ve made his way to Malta to celebrate his coming of age with a bang, but given the COVID-19 circumstance, Steve had to think outside the box to bring all that he loves about Malta right to his British door-step.

With a gorgeous photo of Valletta plastered on his wall, and all the delicious, yummy, classic Maltese treats Malta has to offer, we’re glad to see Steve got a taste of Malta on his special day. Malta’s typical sunny weather even showed up for the occasion!

“We would’ve been in Malta this week for my birthday. Instead, we’ve brought Malta to the UK. We’ve got a view of Valletta (a poster!), Maltese flags, and a replica Maltese platter complete with galletti, bigilla, olives, Gozo cheese, Maltese sausage, pastizzi and Kinnie. We’ve got Bay Easy playing and even the sun has made an appearance. It’s been lovely! Obviously, it’s not the same as being there but I’m now feeling a bit closer in spirit to my favourite place on Earth 🤗 Sending love and best wishes to everyone in Malta,” the post reads

Only things that seems to be missing is a packet or two of twistees…

Well Steve, if we’re being honest, it sounds like a perfect way to spend your day to us (especially the Bay Easy part – wink wink).