Britain enjoys its warmest February day on record

Monday became the UK’s warmest ever February day after a temperature of 21°C was recorded in Wales.

The Met Office said it was the first time a temperature has risen above 20°C in winter since records began.

The previous record temperature was 19.7°C, which was set in London in 1998.

Much of Britain enjoyed a weekend of record-breaking winter sun, while Malta was being battered by hurricane-force winds.

Aberystwyth in Wales saw temperatures of 19.1°C on Sunday, compared to 11.3°C in Dingli in Malta.

Temperatures in the UK are more than double the average for the time of year, with February usually recording highs of around 7°C.

ITV weather presenter Lucy Verasamy said: ‘Scotland saw their warmest February day on record last week and Wales joined them on Sunday.

‘On Monday we saw the UK have its warmest ever February day recorded. London reached 20°C and Aberystwyth, west Wales 21°C.

‘The previous record for this month was 19.7°C set in 1998.

‘It’s technically still winter so it’s our warmest day of the season we’ve had in a lifetime.’