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Brillanti Dance Finalists To Be Revealed Tonight

Tonight’s upcoming program promises to be particularly memorable as Brillanti Dance reaches its thrilling semifinal climax!


With each passing program, the dancers exceptional skills and performances have left us in awe. Week after week, contestants are eliminated until the ultimate winner of Brillanti Dance is crowned.


After bidding a heartfelt farewell to the immensely gifted Rosario and Julia in the previous week, only eight semifinalists now remain, intensifying the anticipation surrounding who will make it to the grand finale of Brillanti Dance. The excitement among viewers and supporters alike is palpable, as we eagerly await the revelation of those who will progress to the final stage of the competition.


The jury members, faced with the challenging task of determining the crème de la crème, will experience moments of great tension and anticipation too.


The question of who will be the next to depart haunts the minds of everyone involved. The remaining semifinalists possess an extraordinary level of skill and showmanship, rendering each elimination akin to a painful incision. The competition has reached its fiercest point, and we eagerly look forward to the approaching Grand Finale. In this momentous event, we will unite to show our unwavering support for the talented dancers who have persevered and demonstrated their exceptional abilities throughout the journey to the final stage of Brillanti Dance.


On another note, we’d like to remind aspiring performers that applications for the third edition of Brillanti – Brillanti goes Musical Theatre – are currently open.

If you believe you possess the talent for this field, seize this opportunity by contacting us at 9922 9011 for more information. Keep in mind that there are over €30,000 worth of prizes awaiting the deserving winners, and submitting your application is completely free. Don’t miss out on this life-changing chance – make that call and submit your application today!