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Brides Get The Go Ahead For Summer 2020 Weddings?

There’s been a lot of speculation on whether weddings should be allowed once Malta is no longer in a public state of health emergency.

Over the past couple of hours, it seems that it has been advised that couples should hold off on getting married for now, given that social distancing is still highly suggested, and the nature of Maltese weddings more or less would throw social distancing out the window.

Concern had risen over whether guests should be asked to wear masks during the celebration, and whether social distancing would be enforced.

But now it seems like we’ve gotten at least part of the answer.

A post on popular Facebook group Wedding Talk Malta shares that couples who planned on getting married in 2020 have gotten the go ahead from Chris Fearne and Robert Abela themselves.

“Feeling relieved and happy, since got both confirmation emails from Abela and Fearne to go ahead with our 2020 summer wedding, as they both agree on this.
Good luck to all brides that are still in 2020,” the post reads.

“Yes heard of others that got a message also that weddings after 30th June can be held,” another commented.

Over the past couple of hours, concerns have also been raised on whether the guests would feel comfortable attending such a mass event, where a lot of hugging and other forms of contact are naturally involved. Because of this, some brides have decided to keep to their postponed date, in hopes of the situation getting better in a couple of months.

It seems like wedding season might still be happening after all.