Bride Sends ‘Rules’ To Bridesmaids Including ‘Lose Weight’ And ‘Don’t Get Pregnant’


We’ve all seen some bridezillas in our time, but this latest story might just take the biscuit.



A bridesmaid shared a ridiculous set of rules which were handed to her and the rest of the bridesmaids before the wedding ceremony.


The bride wanted everything to be about her (Credit: Shutterstock)


The list included losing weight, not getting pregnant and delaying any future engagements. Yep, really.



She also expects her bridesmaids to cover all their tattoos and nails must be short and painted in ballet slipper pink nail polish and also, if you have long hair, you have to cut it or re-dye it.



Initially, she was invited to be a bridesmaid at her best friend’s sister’s bash, where her bestie was serving as Maid Of Honour and she had never been particularly close to her friend’s sister.


Therefore these outlandish requests that came with her bridesmaid duties all the more ridiculous.



“I’ve never been part of a wedding party and didn’t really know what was expected of me,” she said.

“She said it wouldn’t be a problem, she only needed me because her fiancé has 6 brothers and his best friend is best man, so there are 7 groomsmen and ‘you’re pretty, but not enough that anyone will look at you.’ Rude, but not surprising to hear from her.


We’re honestly speechless.

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