UPDATED: Police Search for a Woman follow the Collapse of Private Residence in Santa Venera

Update 18:17:

A spokesperson for the Malta Police Force has confirmed that a woman residing in the collapsed private residence was in fact inside the residence at the time of the Incident and confirmed that police are now carrying searches, even utilising drones to find the woman.

The spokesperson, who said that the search is expected to run into this evening, described this operation as an intensive one.


(More Updates as we get them)


At around 14:15 the Police were informed of an accident at a construction site in the area close to Cannon Road, which consequently led to the collapse of a private residence on the other side of the site, at Joseph Abela Scolaro Street.

Members of the Police Force, of the Rapid Intervention Unit and the Civil Protection Department, rushed to the site immediately. A spokesperson for the Malta Police Force confirmed also that the K-9 Section is also on-site to confirm, or otherwise, whether a person is trapped in the rubble. The Police spokesperson said that this is not yet confirmed and that the man who resided at the collapsed residence said that when he left for work this morning, his wife was inside the building. It is not yet known whether the woman was still there at the time of the incident.

The Police have advised motorists to avoid the areas of Cannon Road and Joseph Abela Scolaro Street, so that the works can be carried out properly.

We will keep you updated as this story unfolds.


Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina


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