BREAKING: New COVID-19 Restrictive Measures Announced


In a Press Conference tonight at Castille, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that we are at a critical juncture of the country’s fight against the pandemic where the balance between economy and health is of the utmost importance, adding that on Monday, during the Presentation of the Budget, the Government will be announcing new economic measures in view of the pandemic.



The Prime Minister also announced new measures which are sustainable and efficient, which include the obligatory use of masks, the importance of hand hygiene as well as social distancing, together with bars, catering establishments and band clubs closing at 11pm.

The Prime Minister also encouraged teleworking to take place where this is possible, while also reiterating that enforcement will be increased through the collaboration of the Malta Police Force and the Malta Tourism Authority.



Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister for Health Chris Fearne gave a detailed brief about the measures which were taken during Summer, and also outlined the new measures.

  • Bars, Band Clubs and Catering Establishments have to close by 11pm at the latest – with effect from Monday 19th October 2020.
  • Further to the current measures with regards to the use of face masks, as from tomorrow, the face masks are obligatory everywhere with the exception of when you are in your private car, in your residence, and if you are in an office by yourself. A grace period will be given and fines will be given as from today week. In Hon Fearne’s words, the masks should be worn the minute a person leaves his or her house.
  • Rapid-testing will also be introduced soon via Rapid Antigen Tests – which have 90%+ reliability. These will be used within the Education Sector, in A&E and in Old People’s Homes. These will be deployed within 10 days.



This is a Developing Story. 



Watch the Press Conference Below:

Il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela jindirizza konferenza tal-Aħbarijiet dwar Covid-19

Il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela jindirizza konferenza tal-Aħbarijiet dwar Covid-19

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