BREAKING: New COVID-19 Measures Announced


Following the recent high number of new COVID-19 cases registered, the Prime Minister, Robert Abela, together with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne and the Superintendent of Public Health, Prof Charmaine Gauci held a press conference, during which new COVID-19 restrictive measures were announced, adding to those which were announced last week.

The Prime Minister stated that 60% of the recent new cases are due to the new variant (UK), and said that the vaccine is working and yielding results, in protecting the most vulnerable.



With effect from tomorrow, until the 11th April, all non-essential (products and services) shops, all hotel restaurants (save for takeway and delivery) will be closing.

Trips to Gozo will only be allowed for those who live in Gozo or those who need to commute for work or health reasons.

The amount of people in public places will be reduced to 4, while the gathering of people in private houses is being disencouraged.



Gyms, Pools, Theatres and Museums and Cinemas will also be closed, while weddings cannot be held until the 11th April.

All organised sports will be ceased.

Moreover, all educations institutions will be closing from Monday.



Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne also announced that non-urgent operations will be cancelled for the time being, so that there will be more hands on deck at Mater Dei Hospital, working on the fight against COVID-19.



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