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Brazilian couple clean up vandalised bus station in Malta

We’re always hearing about Maltese people going out of their way to contribute to Malta’s environmental crises.

But what really warmed our hearts this week was Dennes, a Brazilian man, and his wife, who went out of their way to clean graffiti off of a bus stop near their home.

In the post, he explains how disappointed he was, not only to find the graffiti, but to see that it was done by someone who either has the same nationality has him or speaks his language.

The graffiti, which was in Portuguese, translates to ‘My Boy’

Dennes and his wife cleaned the graffiti up to give a good example to their community, and what a great example that was!

He even suggested creating a volunteer group for the Brazillian community where they clear vandalised areas all over the island.

He writes: “Posting this I would like to highlight the contributions of the Brazilian community to Malta hoping this becomes an example to all foreigners communities.”

People coming across the post had nothing but praise for the couple.

“Well done. Thank you for your community spirit.”

“Bravo, what an example to those who made the graffiti.”

“Thank you and please lets keep working together as one community”

“Well done! And thanks for respecting the Maltese community”

“Hope that EVERYONE follows your example”

Would you be willing to join a volunteer community that cleans up vandalised locations around the island?