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Brace yourselves: Malta might be experiencing more power-cuts in the coming days

After multiple nationwide power cuts in under a month, Enemalta have issued a statement that a survey conducted by the Polar King survey vessel identified the location of the damage on the interconnector cable between Malta and Sicily.

“The footage of the survey conducted provides reasonable evidence that the cable was ruptured by an anchor, with evidence showing how the anchor was dragged, eventually dislodging the cable from the trench on the seabed, and subsequently breaking it.”

This means that Enemalta can start working on getting the interconnector up and running again.

However, this also means that Malta might have a few more power-cuts in store over the next couple of days.

Malta is currently making use of all available power turbines on the island.

A Enemalta representative has shared that there is “sufficient generation capacity to cover seasonal peak loads”, however, they’ve also shared that they might still be “automatic load shedding in order to maintain system frequency”, i.e. potential black-outs.