BOV Mobile Just Got a Whole Lot Cooler!


BOV has just launched a new feature on its BOV Mobile App: Third-Party Payments. The new addition makes sending and receiving money even easier now – all possible directly from the palm of your hand.

BOV’s mobile app is fast becoming the preferred option for the majority of their customer’s banking requirements. The latest feature does it all for you, giving you the freedom to manage your money from wherever you are in the world at your convenience.



Left your card at home and run out of cash? Never fall short for a round of drinks with friends again – all you need to send your pals your share of the bill is their IBAN and/or Credit Card number (or mobile number, if they already use BOV Mobile Banking). Paying your friends has never been easier!

Worry no more about spending your next day off at the bank to sort your life out – rest easy knowing you can get things done with just a few taps of the BOV mobile app without even having to get out of bed.



Whether it’s a local or foreign account, BOV’s mobile app is now able to process payments faster than ever from the palm of your hand. Your friends will never have to wait long for you to pay back the €5 they lent you for snacks at the cinema again.



But it’s not just about paying your friends back or sorting your bills – the new feature will also help you stay on top of all your business’ payments. You’ll never have to wait for your supplier to process payments again; everything you need is all in the app.



The power is in your hands thanks to BOV’s quick response to current advances in banking resources – pushing the nation’s leading financial service provider even further ahead in the game. It’s no wonder more than 110,000 customers are already using the app to send and receive money, top-up their mobile, and even stay on top of their bills. It’s all the things you’ve ever asked for from a local bank wrapped up into one package.

Join the (virtual) crowd and download BOV’s mobile banking app now. You’ll thank us later.

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