Boris Johnson jokes about selling bendy buses to Malta

Boris Johnson has poked fun at Malta’s notorious bendy buses during a major speech on Brexit.

The former British foreign secretary ordered them off London’s streets when he was the city’s mayor.

They were soon shipped to Malta by Arriva but were plagued by a series of problems before eventually being withdrawn from service over safety concerns in 2013.

To roars of laughter at a political conference in Northern Ireland on Saturday, Mr Johnson joked: ‘Britain is great at doing deals around the world.

‘In fact, when I was mayor we sold those blooming bendy buses to Malta.

‘I’m afraid they jack-knifed and caught fire in the end, a point that is raised with me by the Maltese every time I go back there’.

Mr Johnson was speaking at the DUP party conference in Belfast on Brexit.

In a blistering attack, he warned that Theresa May was heading for an ‘iceberg’ and her proposals would leave Northern Ireland ‘as a colony ruled by the EU’.

His speech, filled with references ranging from Maltese bendy buses to the Titanic, included a call to build a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

That earned him a huge standing ovation from hundreds of DUP members.

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