Boris Johnson Faces Backlash For Flying Private Jet To Cornwall To Discuss Climate Crisis



UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is getting slammed for travelling on a private jet from London to Cornwall – a total of 400km – for a G7 summit on the climate crisis. The same trip by car would have taken five hours, and possibly even less time by train…



On June 9, Johnson shared a photo of himself stepping off the plane, writing, ‘I’ve arrived in Cornwall for this year’s @G7 where I’ll be asking my fellow leaders to rise to the challenge of beating the pandemic and building back better, fairer and greener. It will be a busy and important Summit, and I can’t wait to get started,’.



Despite his enthusiasm, people on Twitter were quick to point out that using a private jet is hardly a sustainably way to travel, with one user writing: ‘Just another member of the entitled elite. Flying to a summit to talk about the environment, and restrictions on people’s liberty… Very classy.



Meanwhile, some people defended his decision to travel by plane, with one person commenting, ‘All the numpties complaining about PM flying obviously have no clue about security’.



Johnson himself later defended his actions, ‘If you attack my arrival by plane, I respectfully point out that the UK is actually in the lead in developing sustainable aviation fuel. One of the points in the 10-point plan of our green industrial revolution is to get to jet zero as well as net zero.’



Yet, as Sky News pointed out, a plane creates nearly five times more greenhouse gas emissions than a train journey of the same distance.

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