Booster Shots May Soon Be Listed In Vaccine Certificates


Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci has announced that the booster shot will now be included with the vaccine certificate.



At the time of writing, research indicates that the latest Omicron variant has spread at a faster rate than the Indian variant and two weeks are necessary to determine if the vaccine works against the new variant.


Is-Supretendent għas-Saħħa Pubblika, il-Prof Charmaine Gauci, tieħu  l-vaċċin kontra l-COVID-19


In the meantime, local health authorities are keeping a close eye on tourists arriving in Malta from European countries. However, so far, no cases of the new variant have been detected locally, but it has already been found in the UK, Italy, and the Netherlands.



Professor Gauci also remarked that no one has died from the variant as of yet and explained that the symptoms are similar to the rest of the variants, including fever and coughs.


person holding white plastic pump bottle


Locally, there are roughly 25,000 people unvaccinated, but as Profs. Gauci revealed, this statistic is gradually decreasing: ‘Around 50 to 100 people per day are still coming forward to take their first dose’, she added.



Gauci also warned against the effects of the booster, which may be heightened since the body needs to rebuild its immunity which would have lessened over time. Talks are also ongoing to list the booster in European vaccine certificates.


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While cases are currently on the rise, most originate from people’s homes and the workplace. Only a few have been registered in schools.

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