Bonnici pleads not guilty after admitting the double-murder with police

Joseph Bonnici, 38, has been remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to the killing of his mother and sister.

The man from Għaxaq admitted to the police that he had murdered his mother and sister and took the officers to the field in Għaxaq where he tried to bury them, a court was told on Sunday evening.

Police officials said that Bonnici admitted to the homicide during a long interrogation.

Joseph Bonnici was accused of murder, possession of an unlicensed weapon, firing the weapon, filing a false report, hiding cadavers and other charges including manufacturing a weapon with a silencer.

He pleaded not guilty. Magistrate Rachel Montebello remanded him in custody.

The 38 year old was arrested early Saturday morning after the bodies of the two women were found partly buried in a field in Ħal Għaxaq.

The motive is still partially unkown.

Joseph Bonnici was described by neighbours as a quiet kind hearted man u usually kept to himself.