Blockchain ‘will help create more jobs’ in Malta

Blockchain has the potential to create hundreds of well-paid jobs in Malta.

That’s according to Malta’s parliamentary secretary for financial services, digital economy and innovation.

Silvio Schembri sat down with Daniel and Ylenia from Bay Breakfast to explain the benefits of Blockchain after addressing the ground-breaking Delta Summit in St Julian’s.

He told 89.7 Bay: ‘Blockchain is the latest phenomenon to hit the tech world. Malta is right at the centre of this innovation.

‘More opportunities and more jobs are going to be created in Malta thanks to Blockchain.

‘It will mean a great boost for our economy and is another sector where Malta can lead the way.

‘As a government, we are already working with MCAST and the University of Malta to develop opportunities for students to increase their expertise in the Blockchain industry.

‘Malta is currently leading the charge on Blockchain which is why the Delta Summit is such a major opportunity for Malta.’

More than 4,000 delegates, including some of the world’s top innovators, gathered at the impressive InterContinental Arena Conference Centre in St Julian’s to discuss how to accelerate the global innovation movement.

The event, which was sold out, attracted a series of high profile speakers, including academics, lawyers, bankers, software developers, entrepreneurs and crypto-currency enthusiasts.

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority was also officially launched during the Delta Summit.

The authority, headed by Stephen McCarthy as chief executive, will be responsible for promoting all governmental policies that promote Malta as the centre for excellence for technological innovation.