“Black Lives Matter Is Not A Trend But An Ongoing Situation That Needs To Be Addressed ASAP”

Over the past few days, our socials have been flooded with awareness on the Black Lives Matter movement – from protests to awareness posts, and the latest? Two Maltese activists released a line of Black Lives Matter t-shirts as part of a non-profit movement aimed to raise awareness around the island.

Speaking to Michaela, she tells us what motivated her to create these t-shirts and start this movement.

“I started this because I am a professional dancer in London and I am who I am today because of black culture,” Michaela tells Bay.

“Dance and music styles have been created by people of colour. So not being able to be in London with my friends who are going through a tough time due to the ongoing racially motivated murders left me feeling useless and depressed because I cannot physical support them. Therefore I tried my best, together with Julia, to create a positive movement aiming to normalize supporting one another no matter of their colour.

Publiée par Michaela DeBono sur Mardi 16 juin 2020

“My plan is to see multiple people wearing my top out and about, and seeing more people joining the walks and runs, as black lives matter is not a trend but an ongoing situation that needs to be addressed ASAP. These t-shirts will for ever exist without a limit.”

Michaela Debono writes in a Facebook post:

“Yesterday my idea turned into REALITY and my sis Julia Vella Rosso MADE IT HAPPEN.
We have been working on this project for a while now and to see everyone come together supporting us and supporting the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement was the answer to my prayers. In 3 different locations, simultaneously, people of all walks of life: children, teens, adults, parents, families, old and young, even dogs, ALL came together with one sole purpose – TO SHOW LOVE AND SUPPORT TO HUMANS.

“We ran in memory of Ahmaud Arbery who was shot whilst running in his hometown in Georgia earlier in February.

Publiée par Michaela DeBono sur Lundi 15 juin 2020

“We walked in memory of Lassana Cisse who was brutally killed last year by a racially- motivated drive by shooting.
Together with all the other victims all over the world who lost their life due to police brutality.

“Every person wearing our T- Shirt has donated towards the BLM movement and in total we have donated 700 euros 🖤
Our BLM T-Shirt will go live and public shortly, and all proceeds will now go towards the LASSANA CISSE fund.

Publiée par Michaela DeBono sur Lundi 15 juin 2020

“We encourage you to wear your T-shirts out and about and keep spreading the love and support.

“We love you and appreciate you so much.

You can order your Black Lives Matter t-shirt by sending an email with your order on [email protected]

To find out when the next walk or run is, you can follow Michaela’s updates via her Facebook profile. 

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