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Biotech Company Finds Another Life-Saving Treatment For COVID-19


As BBC News has announced, Biotech company Regeneron has found another treatment for coronavirus that gives hope to COVID-19 patients to overcome the virus – especially those who are seriously affected.



This result was achieved after Regeneron conducted a study in a handful of hospitals in the UK on 9,785 patients. It was found that the treatment worked on a third of the patients.



Among them was a 37-year-old English woman, Kimberley Featherstone, who in comments to the BBC said that she is grateful for being given the treatment.


Covid-19: Compulsory jabs and another life-saving treatment found - BBC News


As per Regeneron, this treatment is said to save 20% more patients than those given the steroid dexamethasone or the anti-inflammatory tocilizumab.


Kimberley added that with her treatment, patients were discharged from the hospital after 13 days, as opposed to the average of 17 days.