BioNTech Chief Confident COVID-19 Will Work Against New Variant


As countries all over the world are closing borders with the UK following the prevalence of a new COVID-19 variant, many were those wondering whether this would mean that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine would be close to useless.

Well, it turns out, it is not useless at all.



Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne yesterday had already stated that the vaccine works against the new COVID-19 variant, but now there is also an official position from the big boss at BioNTech.

Ugur Sahin in fact said that he is confident that the company’s vaccine will be effective against the variant, adding that more tests were needed before he could completely sure of the efficacy of the drug – the results of which should be available within two weeks.

Mr Sahin adding that this confidence is of scientific nature, as the new COVID-19 variant shares 99% of the proteins with the previous iterations, adding that ‘the likelihood that our vaccine works…is relatively high.’



As of yesterday, the Pfizer/BioNTech is the only vaccine that has been authorised for use in the European Union, and the first vaccination in Malta will take place this coming Sunday at 9am before the Malta rollout begins in a structured manner, as was outlined by Malta’s Deputy Prime Minister yesterday.