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Billionaire pulls out of £600m Wembley Stadium bid

The owner of Fulham FC Shahid Khan has withdrawn his offer to buy London’s Wembley Stadium.

The billionaire who also owns the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars had tabled a bid in the region of £600 million for the national football team’s stadium.

However he has now withdrawn the offer after a FA Council meeting last week on the issue.

In a statement, the US businessman said: ‘I’ve been clear publicly as well as in my correspondence with the FA Council that it would require a proper partnership, with the full and enthusiastic commitment of all involved, to maximize the benefits to the FA and game of football by way of 100 percent private ownership of Wembley Stadium.

‘At this moment, following last week’s FA Council hearing, it appears there is no definitive mandate to sell Wembley and my current proposal, subsequently, would earn the backing of only a slim majority of the FA Council, well short of the conclusive margin that the FA Chairman has required.’