Billie Eilish Claps Back At People Calling Her A ‘Hypocrite’ For Showing Her Skin


As Billie Eilish released her recently revealing photo shoot with Vogue, people are calling her a ‘hypocrite’ and she’s hitting back…



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The 19-year-old Bad Guy singer took to Instagram and shook us with a completely different look than her trademark black and green clothes and baggy clothes. Now, Billie is on fire boasting platinum blonde hair, wearing a plunging corset, stockings, and a trench coat.



And whether you agree or disagree with the shoot, you can’t deny that Eilish looks fantastic. Yet, in the wake of the photographs being released, people have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the teenager’s new look and her interview with Vogue…



Body positivity is a topic that has been long discussed by Eilish in several interviews, who explained that she wore baggy clothes so she wouldn’t be subject to criticism. However, when last year a photo of her wearing a vest top and shorts emerged, she was bombarded with comments on her figure.



The singer told the fashion magazine, ‘Suddenly you’re a hypocrite if you want to show your skin, and you’re easy and you’re a slut and you’re a whore. If I am, then I’m proud […] Showing your body and showing your skin – or not – should not take any respect away from you.’



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Now, Eilish is taking matters into her own hands and revealed all for her Vogue cover. While it’s extremely different to her usual photoshoots and arguably contradicts all her previous statements about wearing loose clothing, Eilish doesn’t care that she might come across as a hypocrite.


You do you, girl!

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