Ben Camille’s Advice to Cyber-Bullying Victims

Following the sudden and sad death of Love Island and X Factor UK host Caroline Flack, which was partly fueled by a string of online hate-comments, X Factor Malta host and actor Ben Camille uploaded a string of Instagram stories to raise awareness about the dangers of cyber-bullying.

This morning Ben spoke to Bay and had some wise words of support to all those that are going through cyber-bullying.

“You are not alone, you have support. Please speak out and not accept what’s happening to you as the norm. No one deserves to be bullied.”

Ben also appealed to the “bystanders those people who are not victims of cyber bullying but are seeing it happen. I ask them to speak out too, to voice their opinion.”

Ben said that one thing he learnt after posting yesterday’s video is that there are hundreds and probably thousands of people who feel the same way he does about cyber-bullying.

“We are a good nation at heart, unfortunately the bad makes more noise than the good. However if we all speak out, together we can stop cyber-bullying and bullying in general before another life is taken.”

We join Ben in appealing to everyone to be #CyberKind to each other.


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