Ben Bailey Sits Down With Jake On Malta’s Top 10 To Discuss His Recent Track ‘What It Takes’


Following his recent release of his latest track What It Takes, Ben Bailey sat down with Jake on Malta’s Top 10 here at Bay to discuss the idea behind his song, his unique style, and any recent collaborations to look out for…



As for What it Takes, Bailey revealed that the idea behind the track stems from the end of a relationship, with the first two-thirds of the song even focusing on the been there, done that ‘this isn’t working anymore’ situation. Meanwhile, the last part focuses on the concurrent situation of ‘I’ve probably changed my mind, but she’s already gone’.



Straying away from the song and towards his unique style, Jake then remarked on Bailey’s incredibly distinctive style and asked what inspiration lies beneath. As Bailey explained, ‘I listen to older styles, I like the warmth – that organic kind of feel – so what I do is I’ve got elements of different styles, like old school funk and even psychedelic music mashed up into one.’



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When it comes to collaborations, Bailey is yet to collab with a fellow, local artist – but that doesn’t mean he’s not looking. As he explained, ‘I think I’m a bit of a lonely song writer, I’m most creative when I’m alone – but I’d love to in the future, I just need to find the right person who inspires me to the extent that it makes me want to connect my strengths with theirs’.



Finally, Jake then asked Bailey if he’d consider taking part in any big shows like the X-Factor – but as Bailey himself clarified, ‘I already feel like I’m too close to all of the people involved in it’.



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Plus, he remarked that it doesn’t really feel like his scene. As he described, ‘it feels like a place you go to get discovered and I feel like I’m setting out on a path that’s kind of getting me discovered. I’d honestly like to see where this goes.’


In the meantime, catch the latest in Malta’s Music Scene every Monday at 9:30pm with Jake on Malta’s Top 10!

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