Bee Talks About Realizing Her Passion For Music On Malta’s Top 10 With Jake


This week Jake sat down with Bee to talk about her X Factor experience, her ambitions in her career and her inspirations!


Bee admitted that her love for music started at a young age, when she followed and became obsessed with the X Factor competition. In her teenage years, she dreamed of following her passion and work on her music, yet decided to pursue her studies.



Finally, at the age of 23 Bee stepped on the X Factor stage to present her talent, taking the leap into a full-time focus on her music. This completely changed her perspective, and as soon as she participated in X Factor Season 2 she discovered the full extent of her love for the art and realised how deeply she wanted to succeed in the industry.



Although she set on her musical path in X Factor, Bee admitted that she wasn’t a huge fan of the competition element. What she values the most are her experiences, the people she met and the plans she has set up to work with a number of local artists! From the competition she learnt that for her it wasn’t about the winning, and she wants to focus on her song writing.



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Inspired by a variety of artists spanning different genres, Bee said that among her musical idols are Jorja Smith, Remi Wolf, Billie Eilish, Daniel Ceasar, and Dua Lipa (who, as revealed, also happens to be her celebrity crush!)



Malta’s Top 10 with Jake will be back next Monday at 9:30 pm!