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Bear Keeps Breaking Into People’s Homes For Food


A 220-kilogram black bear, known as ‘Hank The Tank’, is wreaking havoc in Lake Tahoe in California.



Since July, residents have reported the bear to the police more than 100 times as it continues to break into homes looking for food.



Hank has shed his fear of people, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), and now associates people with food.



Multiple hazing attempts, including paintballs, bean bags, sirens, and Tasers, have failed.


“For more than seven months, and despite intense hazing and other mitigation efforts, this bear has caused extensive property damage in 33 documented cases and forcefully entered at least 28 hones in and near the Tahoe Keys,” the CDFW said.



“This bear is extremely food-habituated and has used its immense size and strength to break in and through front doors and garage doors.


How would you react if you were to encounter a bear like Hank the Tank?