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Bear goes viral for taking selfies in wildlife camera

A Bear has gone viral on social media after taking over 400 selfies on a hidden wildlife camera.



Those in charge of keeping an eye on wildlife behavior received a surprise from a motion-activated camera in Boulder, Colorado.


Boulder’s open space and mountain parks department, is responsible to preserve and safeguard the natural environment and land resources.


They were astounded, however, when they examined one of the numerous cameras they had installed across thousands of acres.


The officials saw that 400 of the 580 photographs on it were of a single bear.


Four examples of the black bear caught ‘posing’ by a motion-activated wildlife camera near Boulder, Colorado, US.


Most animals don’t notice the cameras, with coyotes, mountain lions and other animals inhabiting this land, yet this bear looked intrigued by this one.


“In this instance, a bear took a special interest in one of our wildlife cameras and took the opportunity to capture hundreds of ‘selfies’,”


The bear may be observed from a variety of angles, popping its tongue out, among many others photos.


The bear pops its tongue out.


The photographs are used to map animal regions and give a unique chance to learn more about how local species use the terrain around the area.