BBC Radio 4’s top comedy show comes to Malta

One of British radio’s top comedy shows is coming to Malta.

Mark Steel will perform at the Eden Comedy Club at the Eden Cinemas in St Julian’s on Monday night.

His award-winning ‘Mark’s Steel’s In Town‘ shows on BBC Radio 4 have been described as ‘hilarious but brutal’.

He told 89.7 Bay: ‘The thing is, I relentlessly take the mickey out of every town and place I go to, and generally the people there love it.’

‘I’ve already noticed a number of things about Malta. The fact that you have Marks and Spencer, you have the same telephones boxes as we do although the UK has started to get rid of them, so in some ways Malta is more England than England.

Malta’s bad drivers, traffic congestion, the old bendy buses, the controversial Gozo Tunnel project, the apartment building boom, and our passion for British and Italian football are all likely to crop up during the stand-up routine on Monday from 8pm.

Mark has also been trying to learn some basic Maltese phrases, and is already clued up on the use of the word ‘mela’ for almost everything.

His radio show has a simple premise. Mark goes to a place and then delves into the area’s history, culture and eccentricities to discover the ingredients that make it distinctive.

He then performs a tailor-made comedy show about the place in front of a local audience.

But as well as lots of laughter there’s affection and a tribute as well.

Mark added: ‘You have to like the place you’re performing in, and Malta is very, very easy to like.

‘We’ve done only one other show outside of the UK, that was in Gibraltar. I deliberately went on the stage and said ‘It’s so nice to be performing here in Spain’ and everyone booed and then they all laughed.

‘It was brilliant, and I hope people in Malta will come along on Monday night for a good laugh at themselves.’

The show, which will be edited down to 30 minutes from nearly two hours, is set to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 21 February at 7.30pm.

Mark Steel is coming to our little island with a tailor-made comedy show about all things Malta! ??Get your tickets while they last ?

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