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Summer may be over but we’re not done partying 😎 We’re back with another episode of TaskMasters with Gaia and Jamie ✨ This episode of Task Masters is powered by eCabs 💙
The George Cross on the Maltese flag – Yes or No? 🇲🇹🧐 A new episode of Settle the Beef is here with our own Ylenia Spiteri tackling the age-old question: Should the George Cross stay on the Maltese Flag ⛔️
ĦA NARAH 🤪🤣 Meet The Meme is back with another Maltese icon ❤️🇲🇹 This time Jamie stopped by Birżebbuġa to catch up with iż-Żaqqoċ to talk about his viral moment from over a decade ago 🤯

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Jamie is playing matchmaker… A nominated candidate is destined for a hunt on a beach to find the perfect date 💘
Can Keane find the love of his life on St. George’s Bay? ✨💞 This is BayWatch – Malta’s premier beach dating show 🌊 This episode, Jamie took Keane together with Joseph Axisa to the heart of St. Julian’s to try to find him a date for the day
Jamie’s on the hunt for a date … not for himself though! Jamie’s first candidate is fellow BayTV host Eliza Azzopardi! Will he manage to find her dream guy? 💘

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Jamie and Gaia dare each other with uncomfortable tasks in the midst of other partygoers. Whoever fails, drinks. What could go wrong? 👀
Welcome to Taskmasters Episode 2: Festa Edition 🥳🎉 Check out the absolute chaos that what went down at Birzebbugia during their feast, ranging from spreading body paint to Jamie getting his panties wet 👙🤣

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Jamie meets up with iconic people that went viral on Maltese internet to see where they are today 📺

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Chef Frederick teaches Eliza how to properly cook some of the simplest of meals to spice up your regular dinner go-tos 🍳

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Miguel tries out different challenging jobs to see if he makes the cut. Is he going to get Hired or Fired? 🤔

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Ylenia brings together two opposing sides of some of Malta’s most heated debates to settle the beef while eating beef 🥩

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Jamie, Miguel and Jessica embark on a journey to try to make money from selling photos of feet online to complete strangers… 🦶

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