Bay Music Awards Nominee Gets A Sweet Surprise!

Voting for the Bay Music Awards of 2020 are well underway, with only a couple of days to go before the big night on the 14th of May.

One particular nominee had a sweet surprise in store for him over the weekend. A little something from his partner to satisfy his sweet tooth and celebrate him being nominated!

The lead singer of OXYGN, Kurt, is nominated for the ‘Best New Comer’ award, together with the rest of his group.

What a sweet gesture!

His partner is definitely a keeper!

Oxygyn is an indie-pop band based in Malta. They made it to the top of our Malta’s Top 10 chart back in 2018 with their song ‘BUBBLEWRAP’, with their latest single ‘Venom’ released just two months ago!

You can cast your votes for your favourite ‘Best New Comer’ nominee, together with 7 other categories by visiting our voting page .

Voting ends 11th of May, so better get voting!!