Bay Breakfast is THREE Years Old Today, and Here Are Some of our All-Time Favourite Best Bits


Daniel and Ylenia have been waking up the nation since 11th September 2017! Three Whole Years! Well, to mark this anniversary we thought we’d take you for a trip down memory lane with some our all-time favourite best bits.

To start off, this is how we had launched the show in 2017!


Bay Breakfast with Daniel & Ylenia

Are you ready? 😱Malta's biggest radio show is about to get even bigger! Tune in to the all new Bay Breakfast with Daniel and Ylenia from Monday!

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And now, let’s get down to Business!


When Daniel & Ylenia Sent Off Intern Dave for a Honk-Off In St Julian’s

Our Intern Dave has pretty much become the Breakfast Intern – and the description could not fit him any better. It has somehow become a weekly, it not daily occurrence that Intern Dave is sent here and there to bring breakfast supplies in all shapes and forms. What happens when we ask listeners to honk if they see a tall guy in full Bay Gear? Enjoy!



When They Cannot Decide on Grammar or Diction? Involve the Listeners

Daniel and Ylenia could not agree on how to say the word Khaki. Our loyal listeners were there to help them solve it?




When a Local 90s Hit is Given the Bay Breakfast Treatment

Most of us, but not Daniel, must have grown up listening to the Joe Demicoli and Augusto Cardinali Songs including Kemmuna Airways. Well, the man himself, Joe Demicoli, surprised Daniel and Ylenia, on Superman Day, with the Bay Breakfast Version of the song which we all love to sing along to. Ejja be honest!



When They Jumped Out of a Plane for their One-Year Anniversary

This is a typical case of those – I want to look away but I can’t moments.

Saying that they celebrated their one year Bay Breakfast anniversary in style is an absolute understatement.




When Daniel Tried the World-Famous Gostra

As we’ve already established, time and time again, Daniel and sports, don’t mix. BUT that doesn’t stop us from making him try different ones out though.

Giving the traditional Gostra a go was one of them … together with some faces you might recognise.



When Daniel’s Gag Reflex Takes Centre Stage

Daniel has quite a gag reflex, and Ylenia just loves to put it to the test…always!


Tuna Makes Daniel Feel Sick on Bay Breakfast!

Daniel tried tuna this morning during Bay Breakfast and it didn't end well… 🤢

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And Finally, When they Tested their Friendship On Air

Proving exactly why they are the nation’s, and our, favourite Breakfast Duo


Daniel & Ylenia Test Their Friendship On Air

How well do our breakfast duo really know each other?Watch them as they try out the best friends quiz! 😂

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Oh Wait! You DO know what we are doing to Celebrate This 3rd Anniversary Right? You DO know that €2,000 can be yours? No?!?!?

Find Daniel & Ylenia on the 26th September during the Bay Breakfast Hide & Seek and you can win big! How to participate? Follow us on the day, On Air and on Social Media and guess the clues. Be the first person to arrive at the mystery location and that’s it, €2,000 will be all yours!



In the meantime, from all of us, Happy Birthday Daniel & Ylenia!