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Battle of the Maltese families … study reveals who’s the funniest

Forget football, politics and local bands, we all know that sibling rivalry in a Maltese household can be more intense than anything. As much as you love them, you want to be better than them.

But how do you prove you’re more responsible/easy-going/organised than your older or younger bro/sis? Well, a recent study has shown that your birth order has an impact on your personality traits.

According to the study, younger siblings are more likely to be…


If you ever wonder why your jokes fall flat at the family ikla tal-Milied but your younger brother has everyone in hysterics, you can now blame your birth order.

More easy-going and relaxed

No surprise here really. Whilst you were given a strict curfew and not allowed to do pretty much anything fun, your younger sibling could probably get away with spending the whole night at Paceville.

More likely to be the parents’ favourite

If at first you don’t succeed, try again..right? No wonder the younger sibling’s l-fessud/a tal-mama.

However, older siblings are more likely to be…

More responsible and organised

I mean, you’re definitely not going to leave it up to your younger sibling to book those family trips, are you?

More succesful

Ouch. Well, your older sibling’s probably going to get more financial help from your parents and with property prices rising as fast as they are, chances are you’ll probably have to live with your parents for longer.

More family-oriented

I guess that’s why your older sister izzur in-nanniet u z-zijiet a lot more than you do; the older sibling’s normally more dedicated to their family.

More self-confident

As the older sibling, you’ve got more knowledge and experience which probably means you’re likely to be more confident than your younger brother or sister.

Check out the full results here:

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