Batman Travis Scott Deletes Instagram Account After Being Trolled Online


Travis Scott got a fair share of backlash after posting his Halloween costume on his Instagram, possibly making him delete his Instagram account.

The SICKO MODE rapper, dressed up in a recreation of Michael Keaton’s iconic Batman suit, posed proudly in front of two expensive looking cars. I’ll give it to him, when it comes to the bling, Travis Scott and Batman are quite similarly decked out.



However, Scott’s fans did not seem so accepting of his costume, mostly focusing on the blatant miscolouring of the suit and cars. After all, Batman’s suit and rides are iconically black, but we’ll allow Travis Scott his own creative freedom.



The barrage of negative comments seemed to have hit Travis Scott pretty hard, since the rapper has since deleted his Instagram account. Of course, none of this has been confirmed or denied by Scott, and some fans speculate that this may not have to do with the costume at all.

Suspicions arose after Travis Scott dropped his song Franchise (Remix) last month, so fans are hoping this will lead to an album drop announcement, rather than Travis unfortunately deleting his account for other reasons.



As for the costume, many fans sprung to his defence on Twitter, commenting on Travis Scott’s sensitive nature, and how he was unjustly trolled.



All in all, I guess we will all just have to wait and see what actually caused this. Although, the optimist in me has his fingers crossed that the young rapper will drop a fresh album to turn 2020 around!