Baby Elephants Have No Clue What To Do With Their Trunks And It’s Adorable


All baby animals are cute however baby elephants are just on another level of cuteness. Must be their flappy ears and stompy feet.

Now, a TikToker – who is well known for his videos about animals and nature, gave us more reasons to love and why elephants are the best.

Not that we needed any further convincing to be honest.



Whilst listing a series of wholesome baby elephant facts he also revealed that baby elephants actually have no idea what to do with their trunks at first.

Check it out below:



More reasons why elephants are the best #elephant #nature#cute

♬ Baby Elephant Walk – Henry Mancini


The TikToker, Henry Mancini explained that baby elephants go through an awkward phase where they do not know what to do with their trunk.

So if you see a baby elephant swinging around it is because it is not used to its trunk yet and makes them feel awkward.

He added that it takes years for them to figure out all the things they can do with their trunk.



Until then, they helicopter their trunks around as they try to get used to their own body.

Another aww-worthy fact in the clip is that baby elephants actually suck the ends of their trunks for comfort, just like baby humans suck their thumbs.



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